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Turncoat Maintenance

Daily Tasks:

  • Remove dust filters from Carriage and Contactor Box cooling fans, wash with clean water, dry and replace.
  • With Power off. Check condition of all cables and plugs.
  • Ensure main pipe rotation motor fan is clear from dirt and unobstructed.
  • Check large pipe rotators for general condition, including wheels, bearings, discs, end stop roller, and channel clamps for security.
  • Power up carriage and perform a full function check of all controls, including pipe rotation, move carriage left to right and check operation of limit switches at end of travel.
  • Inspect tape head, check condition of rubbers, V belt, brake disc and pads. Check operation of brake unit (tension control) and expanding mandrel.

Weekly maintenance:

  • Carry out general clean of machine.
  • Clean and grease main rotator bearings.
  • Check all ground anchors for security.
  • Clean tape head and apply light oil to threads of tape head mandrel and brake unit.
  • Check tape head rotates freely with brake off, condition of bearings.
  • Check all external wiring for general condition and security.
  • If any defects are found, site supervisor should be notified, manufacturer can be contacted for advice.

Downloadable Documents (PDF Format):

Turncoat Maintenance and Inspection