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Turncoat Installation


A suitable concrete base should be laid, no less that 150mm thick and approximately 12mtrs wide by 5mtrs deep. It is important that the base is flat and level. Careful consideration should be paid to the location and direction of the base, to minimise handling of pipes.

Power Supply:

A good quality 20amp 3 phase supply with Neutral is required for the machine. If supplied by generator, it must be well regulated as a poor quality supply will harm sensitive electronics within the machine. A plug for final connection to the generator cable is supplied.


The machine is secured to the base with approximately 30 rawl bolts. These are all supplied with the machine. It is the clients responsibility to supply a SDS type masonry drill with a 20mm drill bit for drilling the holes.


It is important that the carriage and Contactor box are kept out of direct sunlight. A shelter should be erected behind the machine to keep the sun off the operators and machine. It is normal to erect the shelter after the machine has been installed and its position finalised.


The Client should supply all labour to install the machine under our guidance. We recommend a minimum of 3 persons to install the basic machine. An electrician should be supplied to make the final connection to the generator.


The Client should supply an SDS type masonry drill with a 20mm drill bit for drilling the holes. Also a selection of spanners and sockets up to 30mm are required.


If the site is prepared as per the above, Installation with a competent team should take half a day. It is important that a supply of tape and pipe are available on day of installation in order to test and commission the machine.

Downloadable Documents (PDF Format):

Turncoat Installation requirements

Turncoat SMD Contactor wiring Diagram

Turncoat Carriage wiring diagram