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Turncoat Datasheet

The ‘Turncoat’ range of machines are well proven throughout the world for there reliability and quality. The various machine types and size options are listed below. All the machines have a variable pipe rotation speed to suit the size of pipe being processed and have a carriage (or two) which traverses parallel to the pipe. Normally only one carriage is provided which carries the wrapping head, this can be a single or two tape application (Inner and Outer). An optional second carriage can be supplied to carry a priming system if required.

Machine Code Diameter Length Speed Capacity Carriages Weight Cube
TC/4/48/8/5/PT1 4”-48” 3-9mtr 75/fpm 5000kg one 1050kg 5.0mtr
TC/12/48/8/5/PT1 12”-48” 3-9mtr 75/fpm 5000kg one 1100kg 5.5mtr
TC/4/64/8/9/PT1 4”-64” 3-9mtr 75/fpm 9000kg one 1250kg 6.0mtr
TC/12/64/8/9/PT1 12”-64” 3-9mtr 75/fpm 9000kg one 1300kg 6.5mtr

Pipe Diameter

The machines are adjustable between the sizes stated. Machines capable of wrapping down to 4” diameter are supplied with ‘hold down’ rollers to give extra traction on the lighter pipes. In addition, a central support roller may be required if small diameter pipes are over 4mtrs in length.

Pipe length

Lengths of three to nine meters can be accommodated. (Longer by request)


The speed refers to the actual linear footage of tape applied spirally


Normally only one carriage is required, however if a priming system is required, or if two tapes are to be applied with a different overlap or width, then two carriages are needed.

Power supply

415volt, 50-60 Hertz 3 phase is standard. Other voltages can be supplied if required

Weight and cube

These are approximate packed weights and volumes and should be taken as a guide only.

Outer wrap application

A second tape head can be provided for the simultaneous application of an outer wrap. This component fits to the same carriage as the inner wrap tape head provided the tape width and overlap are the same. If the tape width and/or overlap are different, the outer wrap must be applied with a second carriage with a separate tape head.

Tape size

The above range of machines will take tape widths of up to 300mm standard and wider to special order. The standard mandrel is 75mm diameter and will accommodate rolls up to 400mm in diameter. Automatic paper take-off is supplied as standard.


A Key advantage of using a Merlin Turncoat machine is its portability when trailer mounted, minimising the handling of wrapped pipes.

Special size machines

All machines are built to order and can be tailored to suit each individual customer at little extra cost.


Downloadable Documents (PDF Format):

Turncoat Datasheet