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Hand Wrapper Maintenance

Daily Tasks:

  • Ensure all six wheels rotate freely, tyres are in good condition and free from adhesive.
  • Check condition of ā€˜Vā€™ belt and that is loose enough to allow some slippage.
  • Check condition of Mandrel rubbers and that they are free of adhesive.
  • Check condition of Clutch plate and its operation.
  • Inspect machine for its general condition and any obvious signs of damage.

Weekly maintenance:

  • Carry out general clean of machine. Excessive adhesive can be removed with a solvent based cleaner, care should be taken around rubber parts.
  • Lubricate tape head and clutch adjuster threads with a light oil. Care must be taken not to contaminate clutch with oil.
  • Visually inspect machine for signs of damage, repair or replace if required
  • Check condition of Clutch cork plate, Mandrel rubbers, ā€˜Vā€™ belt and wheels.Replace if required.

Most parts are held in stock so are available from us on an Ex Works basis.

Downloadable Documents (PDF Format):

Hand Wrapper Maintenance