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Hand Wrapper Datasheet

This range of lightweight machines has been tried and tested in the field for many years, and has proven to be very robust and simple to use.

Standard machine frame sizes range from 2” to 42” (50-1050m), each machine has a frame size adjustment of 8” (200mm) and can carry up to 8 tape heads, although usually only one or possibly two are fitted. (Inner and outer wrap).

The tape head will accept all tapes with a 76mm (3”) core, either with or without release paper. All machines are fitted with a paper take-off facility as standard and are constructed of aluminium to considerably reduce weight. Machines are supplied with one tape-head as standard, outer wrap tape-heads are available as an extra if required.

Machines up to 22” diameter (560mm) are fitted with a 9” (225mm) tape mandrel and will accept tapes from 50-225mm. Machines over 24” are fitted with a 12” (300mm) mandrel and will accept tapes from 50-300mm. Other widths can be supplied if required.

Tension control:

Each mandrel is fitted with a slipping clutch type tension control, which is adjusted by the operator as the roll of tape reduces in diameter.

Paper take-off:

The machines are fitted with this as standard. As the roll of tape is used up, the used release paper is wound onto a belt driven drum for later disposal.

Overlap control:

Each machine is fitted with 6 neoprene tired wheels on legs, each is adjustable for angle and pipe diameter. The angle of the wheels is preset to give a calculated progression along the pipe per revolution. i.e., if the tape used is 12” with a 1” overlap then the travel per revolution will be 11”.


The frame size directly relates to the diameter of the pipe that it is capable of wrapping. It is provided with two sides ‘gated’ for easy removal and re-fitting to the pipe. All frame sizes require a minimum of 24” clearance under the pipe in order for the machine to operate. Once the frame is set up for a particular pipe diameter, removal and re-fitting to the next pipe is quick and simple.


A comprehensive spares and consumable kit is available for all machines. In the event of a breakdown. All parts are available from us on an ex works basis.


Certain consumable items are required for prolonged machine use.



Downloadable Items (PDF Format):

Handwrapper Datasheet